Multimedia Production

Our team offers audio,video and photo production services suitable for todays media. We strive to ensure world class quality production services for individual, private and commercial enterprises and their respective projects.
As more teams and associate studio are developed our services will be available in more localised areas. Do you need studio and live photography, Facebook photography, photo editing, making a book, photoshooting of all type of events and post editing. Production and editing of music, music videos, any type of promotional videos, commercials…?!
We are a flexible, dynamic company with a “can do” attitude and are orientated to the demands of the client. We provide for some large, well known companies aswell as many smaller customers who are also an important asset to us. Whatever your needs are, give us a try. We can do it.

Length, complexity, number of voices, type of production, program usage, delivery formats and turn-around requirements all play a part in determining the price. General estimates are based on a per-job basis. Larger projects receive reduced rates.